Devised by On The Fringe, presented by SAYarts for Adelaide Fringe 2020, Only Human is a humorously absurdist offering from the award-winning team of Claire Glenn (Ruby Award Winner, Carclew, Expressway Arts, Area 53), On The Fringe (Everybody Dies, I Still Have No Friends, Macbeth Re-Arisen, Child X, Goddess on a Highway) & Sophia Simmons (Limit, Gravity Guts).

In the near future two beings meet in a bunker. Robot? Human? Hybrid? Appliance? Imagine, if you can, a future of driverless cars and talking appliances. When AI rule our lives and the lines are blurred and rules don’t matter. When humans love robots. Laugh til your battery dies, weep until you rust as we ponder life, the universe, and Artificial Intelligence.

We can learn. We can unlearn. We are not only human. We are machines.

Since 2015, SAYarts’ On The Fringe ensemble, led by Claire Glenn, have devised and presented professional level, critically acclaimed, award winning original theatre productions. Our works have been called “exhilarating” (Anthony Vawswer, 2018), “thought provoking” (Barry Lenny, 2018), and“beautiful” (John Wells, 2016) and have sold out our seasons every year. Our young actors are enormously talented, ambitious, brave and, now, highly experienced performers. SAYarts run after school and weekend theatre-making classes for 5-25 year olds, host playwright masterclasses, and run in-school residencies