Goddess On A Highway was an original work, devised by the SAYarts' On The Fringe Ensemble, that investigates the nature of power, control and corruption in the world using the theme of Cults.

We all want to belong, and Devereaux, lost and confused, has finally found her place amongst 'The Children' in a welcoming commune, a perfect setting. Paradise. Or is it?

Directed and facilitated by Lead Artist Claire Glenn and written by Alan Grace, Goddess On A Highway grew out of a fascination the ensemble had with Cults, Cult Leaders and how their power and corruption is able to control large groups of people. The ensemble was especially interested in exploring how the same power and corruption is evident every day in Governments and Leaders around the world. On The Fringe participants specifically chose the themes of the work partly because they thought Cults are “strange” and “fascinating” but also because they were interested in exploring the things that society may perceive as unusual actually manifesting in so many facets of our lives. Goddess On A Highway premiered at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

'GODDESS ON A HIGHWAY challenged me at pretty much every turn. To be able to say this about a piece of ‘youth theatre’ is, as far as I’m concerned, a true rarity, and speaks volumes about your level of both ambition and achievement. I was left shaken, and chilled, and kind of upset, but I also couldn’t deny the weird exhilaration of the final dance. (Electric Dreams - and its soundtrack - just happens to be have been one of my favourite things in the world ever since I first set eyes, and ears, on it.) Any show that even attempts all of this is very brave; one that actually manages all this is doing something right.'

- Anthony Vawser