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Before moving to Singapore, Claire Glenn was the Artistic Director of South Australian Youth Arts (SAYarts) and also Creative Producer for Carclew’s ExpressWay Arts. She has worked with other leading Australian Youth Arts Institutions including Patch, Riverland Youth Theatre, Urban Myth Theatre for Young People, Act Now, D'Faces of Youth Arts, Expressway Arts, Prospect Youth Theatre, Portland Arts Centre and, from 2008-2014 was the Artistic Director of the Fairfax Festival, a festival for young people based in regional Australia.

Claire is a graduate of the University of Otago (New Zealand) Theatre Studies Program and is an experienced theatre performer, having worked in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. She has bee nominated and won numerous awards for her performances. Notable roles include Caitlin in An AirBalloon Across Antarctica by Darragh Martin, Eve in Muff, Her in Notoriously Yours, and Xavie in Late Night Story, all by Van Badham. In the course of her career, Claire has worked with STCSA, Malthouse Theatre, On Invisible Wings, Sixxters Grimm, Three To A Room and

Claire loves non-traditional forms of theatre with a particular interest in site-specific and immersive work and has a growing reputation in Australia and Scotland for her skill in these areas.

Claire lives with her husband, Anthony, and their two cats and puppy. She loves cinema , fashion, travelling and Lego. You can follow her on Instagram or where she regularly posts pictures of her current and past projects, her friends, her travels, her favourite dresses and many pictures of her animals:

“Claire Glenn is an extraordinary community cultural development worker. She has developed a career as one of the few youth theatre specialists in SA, developing expertise working with young adults. Her body of work is innovative, of very high quality,engaging to audiences, and covers a wide range of styles. She has worked on several projects with ActNow Theatre and is an excellent collaborator and artist. Claire has an amazing ability to develop authentically youth-led projects with groups of young people including those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. She is an industry leader in how to support the unique expression of young people.”

– Edwin Kemp-Atrill, Artistic Director ActNow Theatre (Recipient of the Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Award 2015)