Born in New Zealand and residing in Singapore, Claire Glenn is in demand as a Theatre Maker, Director and Youth Arts Practitioner and has been a Finalist and/or winner of the prestigious Arts South Australia Ruby Award (2015, 2017, 2019), TropJr (2015) and a Curtain Call Award Winner (2016) for her work in the Theatre for Young People Sector.

Claire is a passionate advocate for Theatre for Young People and believes that children and young people have an extraordinary capacity for extending their imaginations through play,experimentation and risk taking. Claire sees herself as a conduit for their artistic expression and big thoughts about the world around them...



"Claire is a creator of magnificent theatre, she seamlessly evokes, provokes and then weaves together stories from the people she works with. She has extraordinary skills in knowing how to get the best out of a project. She listens to the people she is working with so that the end product is integral to their voice. Claire captures the audience and the community in a world that has been created through dedication, fun, collaboration, cohesion and connection."

– Tamara Lee (maker and collaborator)

“Many creative people stumble into working with young people at some point because it helps diversify their income or they want to impart their knowledge to the next generation. Some exceptional few choose to work with young people because they are champions and allies of young people–young people as artists, creators and provocateurs. Claire is one of those exceptional few."

– Alysha Herrmann (Recipient of the Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Award 2017)